Tuesday, 13 May 2014

The North Cape, Norway - We made it

Today we made it to the North Cape, through snow and blizzards, to the top of Europe. Full story and pics will follow.

Fact file
Daylight - 24 hours
Distance - 2593 miles
Days - 45
Route - we continued north on highway E6 passing through Lakselv - lots of snow on higher ground and road mostly quiet. Had to cycle through the 7km long Nordkapp Tunnel which descends to 212m below the sea before rising steeply again out the other side - we were happy there was not a lot of traffic. Final 30km to North Cape  were beautiful with steep climbs and lots of snow and wind. Cycle to the Cape was fine but when we headed back the road was clagged in with snow and ice and we had a couple of blizzards.


  1. Outstanding, well done both of you.

  2. Congratulations, or Gratulerer, as they say in Norwegian.

  3. Thanx. Spectacular journey here and spectacular place in snow. Now we just have to cycle home ... should be equally beautiful along Norway's west coast. P