Saturday, 17 May 2014

Oksfjordhamn, Norway - London, Paris, The Arctic

After two weeks of cycling and camping above the Arctic Circle, Bart and I now consider ourselves to be hardy, polar explorer types but you're probably sitting at home wondering what one wears for cycling in cold Arctic conditions and even if you're not, I'm going to tell you.

Bart is seen here modelling fleece-backed long cycle bibs on top of his bib -style cycling shorts. He's wearing two pairs of long wool socks and Goretex cycling overshoes on his feet to beat the windchill. His upper base layer is a breathable t-shirt and on top of that a Helly Hansen long-sleeved wool top, a softshell fleece-backed jacket and a windproof jacket. On his head he has a Thinsulate-lined Goretex hat with earflaps that's become a bit of a favourite and can be worn with flaps up or down. For cosy hands he has wool mitts with Goretex mitts on top to keep out the wind.

As for me, I'm wearing running leggings with cycle shorts on top and fleece-lined cycle leg-warmers which are a little too big and tend to slide downwards creating unsightly wrinkles. On my feet I'm wearing two pairs of wool socks, neoprene toe covers and Eager waterproof overshoes. My body baselayer is an Icebreaker long-sleeved wool top in girly pink and I've added a thin breathable fleece, a mid-weight hooded fleece and a windproof jacket in an attractive "glacier blue" shade. That co-ordinates nicely with my junior wool buff for a cosy neck which I can pull up over my face in the coldest winds. Cycle glasses are great for sun reflected off the snow or protecting your eyes in a blizzard. I've finished my outfit off with a windproof peaked hat and windproof gloves with silk liners.

Finally, we're both considering growing beards so that we can have icicles dangling from them!

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